Professional Services

For over 40 years we have offered our clients our experience and wide range of services.

Statutory Audit

The Statutory and Voluntary Audit can be summarized in five activities.

The Accounting Function

Our multidisciplinary structure enables us to perform complex reviews of accounting functions in different client business sectors, including business structures, administrative and accounting procedures, and the accounting manual with its definition of tasks and duties.

Due Diligence

Drawing on our many years of experience, our auditing firm is able to offer a specialist and tailored “Due Diligence” audit service, to provide assurance to buyers, sellers or other interested parties that they have complete knowledge of the inherent "business risks ".

The evaluation of internal control systems

Corporate Governance is a system of governance for directing business processes and management.  Evaluating the organization requires a review of a range of business operations and therefore requires an interdisciplinary approach involving the company across its key functions.

The International Audit Service

DFK Italia, membro dell'Associazione DFK International, per soddisfare le esigenze di crescita internazionale delle aziende clienti, è integrata con una rete di società di revisione e consulenza fiscale, societaria e amministrativa presente da oltre 50 anni in 90 paesi, con 400 uffici e oltre 10.000 professionisti.